Presenting yourself well to an audience can go a really long way to creating a great impression of and for you, your company and your product. Having the CONFIDENCE to present yourself professionally and well, will undoubtedly help you reap more reward down the line.


‘Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans’! Cannot remember who said that, but I believe its true! I think focus requires a great deal of discipline, but aside from discipline, you need to be interested in that on which you are focussed!


I was enjoying a conversation with some participants on one of my courses. We were discussing how NOT being able to stand up and speak in front of a group of people can HOLD you BACK from whatever you want to achieve. Rather than have speaking as an asset that can benefit you, from increasing your confidence levels to being sure that should the opportunity arise(and it WILL) you would be able to step up to the plate, take the bull by the horns, and offer to speak or give a presentation.


I have been blogging religiously each weekday at least, and here I am, having returned to add another blog, to find my last 3 blogs have completely disappeared!! How strange? AND, how does that happen? No matter, no point in crying over spilled milk, is there? I’ve had a full and busy weekend…more with chores than anything else. What needs doing, needs doing, and if the weekend is the only time available, then what’s a girl to do? The unpleasant part was simply the weather……………WOW, Mother Nature took some serious


Wow………………I attended a meeting last night where people introduced and presented themselves to the rest of the audience. I am so used to observing people (mostly) do a half baked job of introducing themselves, that it was such a pleasure to witness one of the coaches present herself so professionally. Presenting yourself, your product, your business is SOOOOO important, and your initial impact on people is just so critical.