In my experience, if you are even remotely human, failure is part of everyday life. And contrary to popular belief, I see it as a very vital part of my learning process. For me, I get far more learning from my failures than when I succeed. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of successes and I LOVE them, and enjoy them immensely…..however, I appreciate the failures because of how much I learn from them. Failure for me is like having this invisible teacher showing you where you go wrong, and affording you the opportunity,(if you are wise enough to listen and learn)to rectify your errors, and find contingencies to success.

Failure is one of the reasons why people fear speaking in front of others……what if they fail…what if they mess up….forget what they were going to say? I say so what….move along, get on with it, and wipe it off. No use staring at a closed door…its DONE…….learn from it, get better, and step forward into your future, better equipped to handle it.

This is applicable to most situations in life, and that thing called fear is just SO negative for us most of the time. We FEAR to fail….why? Probably because of what ‘others’will think of us. The best analogy I can think of right now is the ‘trying to keep up with the neighbour’s’scenario. The only time I may be concerned about MY neighbours is if their dogs get out the gate, or there may be a security breach…the rest of the time, I couldn’t care less what they DO, what cars they drive, what clothes they wear, and I’m pretty sure its the same for them. We live life at such an incredible pace these days, that nobody has TIME to stop and criticise…..and if they do….WHO CARES??! Live your life, fail your way forward, and don’t let fear deprive you of precious learnings that will only BENEFIT you in the future! Happy days til next week! 🙂