When you’re chatting to people…do you notice their responses to you? Are you noticing their body language, their eye movements, their verbal responses? If you’re not, then you need to start becoming aware and NOTICING these things. They are really important.Remember, communication is a two way street!Active listeners will remain engaged with you, even when they are not actually speaking at that point in time. If they are genuinely engaged with you, they will be holding your eye contact, (which, if YOU are communicating properly, you’d already be looking them in the eye at least every so often).

Having what is called ‘sensory acuity’ while engaging with people will tell you so much about them and whether they are responding in a manner befitting your communication. You see, if you learn to ‘read’people right, then you will become more accurately informed and ready to respond and be proactive accordingly which, of course, can give you the ‘upperhand’ in an ethical and effective way. This is of vital importance if you wish to become a master communicator. Give this some thought and reflection, become aware of people’s responses to you when you are communicating with them and I’ll elaborate further in my next blog! Have a great week!