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This Is My Story

Let’s look forward. I agree that it’s always great to know a bit about somebody’s history……however it IS in the past, so for me the future is far more important! I have always enjoyed learning, experimenting and knowing more about people and how they operate. What drives them, scares them, motivates them. I used to be petrified of speaking in front of people, and now I teach and coach others. I enjoy empowering people…..with skills previously unlearned. Attitude is almost everything…….and with the RIGHT attitude……ANYTHING can be learned and achieved………ANYTHING! For me, fear was a huge challenge for many years….but no more……..! I set a goal to face my fears, to challenge them, and they are nothing but nasty bullies waiting for you to stand up to them. Fears faced are fears overcome! Face Everything And Rise-FEAR-just another of the many hurdles that we face through our lives! I grew up in the fearsome shadow of a bully…..and vowed that never again would I be HELD BACK as a result of my limited thinking, and believing that others’ opinions would serve or control me. We ARE all unique, and have our own aspirations, minds, thoughts, desires…….that’s where our uniqueness lies. I have learned so much through my life about people……their behaviour, their cover ups, their fears, their strengths, their language…….and THAT is now where my passion lies………in interacting, facilitating, coaching,:-)and teaching others the necessary skills.

That help us to communicate and interact with our spouses, colleagues, family, friends, others not yet met. Skills that also greatly empower us in more effective day to day communication. From assistants, to leaders, company directors and chief executive officers……we all need to be the very best listeners and communicators that we can be…………that’s where Skyborne Communication comes into the picture. Call now and let’s meet up and talk! 0825636384

Highlights of My Life

I share a great love of travel, and have embarked on many journeys to different countries to experience new cultures and learn about different aspects of life on this earth of ours. My long-held fascination for different cultures and outlooks led me, several years ago, on a solo visit to Egypt – undoubtedly high on my list of highlights so far! The excitement of experiencing the mysticism of the pyramids for the very first time, riding a camel across the desert and enjoying a cruise on the magnificent Nile River will remain treasured memories.

Aside from the fact that Africa IS my home continent, my fascination for Africa, holds me spellbound in its cultural diversity and the many levels of antitheses experienced and observed across this great land! I have climbed the summit of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania – a magnificent mountain which commanded and retains my awesome respect. What an incredible experience, and what a fantastic way to learn about myself, the degrees to which I am capable of pushing myself!

I intend returning to Tanzania to re-climb that great mountain, albeit via a different route!

Pat Anderson

As far as great cities go, New York appears near the top of my list. WOW, what a vibrant and fascinating place – pulsating with an energy the likes of which I have NEVER before experienced. Eating roasted Chestnuts in the snow, engulfed in the sights, sounds and smells – New York City is, indeed a city to sing about!!

Travelling, for me, is one of the things that bring a greater meaning to life. It creates huge excitement in my life; fills me with anticipation for the future, provides me with a wonderful learning platform, and stocks up my mind with an abundance of fantastic memories. In short, travel makes MY life worth living. I love ticking off places on my bucket list!

Adventure comes in different guises. Building this website, and venturing forth into the world of life coaching, motivational training, and inspiring people is an exciting new venture for ME! I look forward, with great enthusiasm, to the many people I will meet on this journey – to walking with them on their respective journeys and to all the learning that I’m sure is on its way to me.

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