I had a course participant last week who divulged that she expended huge amounts of energy worrying about how she came across to her customers when she made presentations, and as a result wasted great doses of energy worrying about the wrong ‘stuff’ before her presentations. Instead of being able to focus on the quality of her communication and presentation of her product, she was wasting time being more concerned about whether she was going to ‘fluff’ her lines, and not co-ordinate herself correctly in front of a team of various companies’ decision makers. Yet, a few days after completing her course, she made a fantastic presentation while focussing on all the RIGHT stuff, and clinched a very lucrative deal for her company………………….simply by re-focussing her efforts, and utilising her newfound, polished skills!

If you have the correct ‘know-how’, and have all your ‘tools’ in place, if you have prepared yourself adequately, and practiced sufficiently, then you are well placed to focus on in the right area……on your AUDIENCE! You see, it’s not about you….it’s about your audience….they are the important ones…………………so just the same as a great hostess knows to have everything ready, laid out, and looking professional and ‘easy’ to do, then she can focus on her guests, who will invariably end up asking how she manages to do it. You can make it look easy…….just like the experts in any field can make it look simple and straightforward, because they have the right know how, and follow a menu, a plan, BEHIND the scenes, that ends up making them look slick, polished, and a leader in their field….which is EXACTLY the impression that you wish to create.

I’ve mentioned many times before that life requires effort…………………most certainly……………and the more effort you invest, the better the results. I watched the men’s final at Wimbledon on Sunday, and Roger Federer never fails to deliver, what to me, amounts to an impressive performance. Do you have any idea of the amount of effort; preparation and practice he puts into making his performance look so fantastic?? Hour upon hour, day in and day out, and, boy, is it ever worth it! But he has a game plan, and THAT is the secret!

When you wish to stand up and speak, and sound great, you TOO need a game plan, that will all but tell you exactly what it is that you need to do, what you need to prepare, HOW you need to prepare, what practice is required, and finally, once you have all the tools at your disposal, follow the game plan, and get up and WOW your audience. Now that you have it all at your fingertips, you CAN focus on the benefits of your company’s service, or product or whatever offering you are making to your audience. You can focus on the QUALITY of your communication, the IMPACT that you wish to make, and the positive impression that you plan to leave behind you!

All it takes is a decision on your part to polish up on your skills, sharpen your blade, so to speak. It’s a lot easier than you think to stand up and present yourself effectively! Drop me an email, or give me a call, and let’s work together to take you to the next level and beyond!

Keep Warm until next month!!!