Wow………………I attended a meeting last night where people introduced and presented themselves to the rest of the audience. I am so used to observing people (mostly) do a half baked job of introducing themselves, that it was such a pleasure to witness one of the coaches present herself so professionally. Presenting yourself, your product, your business is SOOOOO important, and your initial impact on people is just so critical. Don’t let this essential initial impression let you down in any way. Make the RIGHT impact IMMEDIATELY, as this WILL have either a direct or an indirect effect on your bottom line, no matter your ‘trade’! People buy from people….remember that…………………no matter how fantastic your product, or your electronic setup, your impressive offices, your sales force(do they perhaps need some ‘brushing’ up on THEIR personal and professional presentation skills?)…………if you are out there plying your trade, it’s YOU that counts. Brush up on your skills, become your own best critic, and ensure that you have ALL the available skills necessary to ensure maximum impact in the shortest amount of time! The extra effort will be worth it! Go well, Pat !