much in my nature, with a LOT of things, mostly not good for me), I need to work it off as I go. So this process requires a good bit of discipline………………. but that in itself has its own reward. As a result of my effort to go to the gym regularly, I can eat a good deal more than the average person without getting out my ‘fat clothes’! However, I have also found through my life, that sometimes I get distracted and I DON’T see the inside of the gym for weeks at a time……………….NOT good………..but then I get myself back on track. So….focus is something that we need to work on CONSTANTLY, and it’s ok if you slip up every now and then, as long as you regain your footfall as soon as you realise you’re slipping! So, maybe massive changes are not really required, perhaps what we need to focus on achieving, is just doing what we are already doing……but more regularly and with more effectivity. Building good habits, replacing bad ones, takes time and effort, it is NOT an easy process, but with concentration and effort it CAN be done, and in the long run, applying the discipline and resolve to achieve these aims will benefit you endlessly. Remember, at the end of the day, your habits MAKE you!