I went to a talk that was given last night by the human behaviourist, Dr John De Martini, what a fascinating guy! Cannot say the he”s the most impressive speaker I have ever heard, but the knowledge and the wisdom that he imparts, more than makes up for it. Wow, so interesting to listen to him speak. He’s the guy that spoke intermittently in the Rhonda Byrne movie, The Secret, so he’s been around for some 40 odd years. he spoke about Values last night, and how we need to become familiar with the values of those close


I will be spending a considerable amount of my time this week, preparing for the several workshops that I am conducting over the next few weeks. As with most of us, in order to perform impressively in our chosen fields, there is a tremendous amount of background effort that goes into making ourselves ‘look good’. And so it is with standing up and speaking, or delivering a presentation. Practice Practice Practice and PLENTY of preparation…………….THIS is what makes you stand out! Its so easy to throw something together and

The results YOU achieve…….

I have grown to firmly believe that the more you put into something, the more you get out. That has not always worked for me when it comes to relationships, as I have learned to my detriment, however, when practising a new skill or habit, the saying has proven true! Another quote that I have found to be fairly accurate is;’The results I achieve will be in direct proportion to the EFFORT I apply’! EFFORT………………..big word, powerful word……………when people can see that you’re putting in some kind of an effort, it usually does not go


I had a ‘one on one’ workshop this morning with a sales person who was suffering from call resistance, which turned out to be a temporary bout of ‘low self esteem’! It happens….when you experience a lot of rejections and don’t manage to ‘wipe it off’ as you go, then the pain of being turned down when offering a service or product can be taken personally. After working with Brad(not his real name) for a while, and going through the motions of how to present professionally, he developed a new ‘take’ on things and found


Just like it is necessary to exercise or gym regularly in order to produce desired results, so it is with self improvement! Why should it be any different? If you want to make strides in your personal growth, and change in various ways…..develop new and effective skills, this takes work on your part….but the effort you apply WILL be worth it IF you persevere! Life requires a bit of effort, and a QUALITY life requires QUALITY effort! We were discussing the importance of our appearance in a meeting this morning, and reflecting on how important first appearances are. The main speaker mentioned the importance of three particular points of view, being: