1.What do YOU look like from 12ft away?
2. What do you look like from 12 inches away?
3. What are the first 12 words you say to someone on meeting them for the first time?

Think about these questions, and how YOU would rate to a stranger on your first encounter. Appearances are very important, and I wonder whether we personally pay sufficient attention the impact we make daily! It’s not just our attire, our clothes that make up our appearance……..what about our body language….what does yours say about you? Your eye contact…..do you look people directly in the eyes when you are communicating with them or are you nervous of eye contact? If you are nervous, work on getting RID of this negative habit, it CAN be banished and replaced with genuine self confidence that will improve your quality of life overall! There are no bad habits that cannot be replaced with positive, beneficial habits, you simply need to educate yourself correctly on HOW to do this. Every problem that you may think you are stuck with, or challenge about yourself with which you are unhappy, HAS been overcome before by somebody else, and somewhere out there, is someone who CAN and WILL help you! Many people have participated on my (registered) SpeakersTrainingCamp presentation skills course and walked away smiling, with new found skills they never thought they could acquire. ‘Where there is a WILL, there is a WAY’!!  Any thoughts on this blog are welcome!