I am experiencing a seriously busy day today, busy….but great. I have a few would be pastors coming for coaching tomorrow morning. People who need help in standing up and expressing themselves, and keen to express their passion to their captive audiences back home(around South Africa). Communication is so deeply important on various , and varying levels for us all, and most of us need help expressing ourselves in the right way, but in a way that is congruent with ourselves, with our personalities!


I trained some more people over the weekend! It gives me such immense satisfaction and great joy to train keen individuals who truly want to add value to themselves and upgrade their skills in the Public Speaking/Presentation skills arena! Everybody can do it, everybody CAN improve, develop more confidence in themselves and GROW inside. All you have to do is make the decision, and DO it!! The pleasure I get from seeing people shift upwards and REALISE that they have had it in them ALL ALONG, is immeasurable!! ALL they


Benjamin Disraeli stated;’The secret to evolving into our very best is to make massive changes in our lives’. I’d go along with that…………….however, I woke up this morning contemplating the power of focus……focus and consistency! Important! if you have already got a set of good habits, then work at maintaining them. Develop consistency. All my life I’ve been one of those gym goers………….no fitness freak, just someone who LOVES her food,more than most other indulgences in life. In order to be able to binge (which is very


Listening to Dr John De Martini the other night was so rewarding for me because I took so much away with me, I got so much out of what he had to say. He mentioned that THE reason why people fear public speaking so much is that when they stand up to speak in front of an audience they are subordinating themselves to someone ‘out there’ who they think has something that THEY don’t have! How fascinating is that? And, now that I have had a few days to mull that over, it sits really well with me, and makes sense. Some folk

To Be or Not to Be………..What WAS the Question?

Everyday challenges are really challenges in themselves…aren’t they? Staying focused sounds so easy, but, getting into a good practice with this, can really take some doing! The only way I can even BEGIN to focus on what I need to get through in a day, is firstly, to write it down(in my diary), and secondly, and JUST as important, to READ my diary and tick off stuff as I do it. Listen, this may sound easy, but you try doing this consistently when you have a list longer than your arm of what you need to get through! It is so easy to get