HOPE like crazy that nobody notices your ‘faux pas’, and your lack of preparation, but you see, people are NOT stupid, they generally DO notice…and that can take away from you more than you know. I spoke about the importance of self a few days ago in my blog, and here is one instance where it proves so true. It really is up to you how you influence and appear to others. Don’t just ‘hope’ that others will like what you have prepared…..put in the required effort, GO the extra mile, prepare just a little more effectively, and TAKE the time to be better than the rest. Just as people will notice if you DON”T put in the effort, they WILL notice when you do! There’s a tremendous difference between ‘hoping’ and ‘intending’, and intent is a LOT more powerful than hope when it comes to practice and preparation. Imagine how amazing you would feel if you have taken extra time to prepare adequately for a speech or presentation? Imagine if members of your audience were to approach you after you have spoken, simply to tell you how impressed they were, or what an impact your speech made on them? Wouldn’t that feel FANTASTIC?? Well, its up to you……………….it CAN be that way……..you simply have to make the decision to take the necessary ACTION!!

Happy Mondays, People! Speak again tomorrow!

Cheers, Pat !!!