Just like it is necessary to exercise or gym regularly in order to produce desired results, so it is with self improvement! Why should it be any different? If you want to make strides in your personal growth, and change in various ways…..develop new and effective skills, this takes work on your part….but the effort you apply WILL be worth it IF you persevere! Life requires a bit of effort, and a QUALITY life requires QUALITY effort! We were discussing the importance of our appearance in a meeting this morning, and reflecting on how important first appearances are. The main speaker mentioned the importance of three particular points of view, being:


I read an article earlier on that I found while cruising around my Linked In Page, written by a business guru by the name of Professor Colin Turner! This author advocates some really interesting stuff. I have always believed that the importance of self should be a priority to any self respecting individual!(although at times I have succeeded in failing dismally at this), but I have picked myself up, dusted myself off and simply (no, not started again.) continued on the correct path off which I had temporarily fallen! It really does

Never Too Old to Learn

I had a really interesting conversation with somebody this morning about people and their hang ups, (depending on how THEY look at it), fears, dislikes, or issues about standing up in front of other people and presenting !Hear me when I say that we all start out with similar fears. We DO………….but we can MOVE THROUGH this particular fear with a bit of effort. It really is like anything else in life with which we may feel discomfort………….focus on it, work through it…..practice and you SHALL overcome! It does not matter who you are,

ANYTHING can be overcome

I trained a woman on a one on one course last night who was petrified of people watching her! Once we had spoken through her fears and reasoned that there wasn’t anybody present who would harm her for any reason, we began to practice….! I coached and she spoke………………it was like watching a flower bloom. She eventually relaxed into her talking, and began to enjoy her expression! Remember…………….”Do the thing and you WILL have the power”! I love reading motivational stuff daily to keep myself on track, and my

May 18

Just finished updating my Linked In details, so, take a look when you have a moment! I have resolved to blog here at least 4 times per week, so make a mental note to visit as often as you can! Pat Anderson, Public Speaking Coach

Whatever it takes

I had some really great participants on my courses this week. But then, all of my students are great! It takes guts to face a fear like standing up and speaking…whether i’ts a one on one, as in the private sessions I run, or in front of a handful of others! As my...