carried away, and to be busy BEING busy!! Muster up some self discipline here and WORK on this, as it’s a great habit to put into place. And all that nonsense about taking 21 days to build a new habit…..HA…………..that life should be so simple. It NEVER takes me 21 days, it usually takes me a lot longer to internalise new habits which I am more or less CONSTANTLY striving to achieve. But, I digress(what was that I was saying about focus?). Seriously, work at getting this diary thing right, and FOCUS on what needs to be done daily….prioritise to make your life a bit easier and practice at it. Remember the saying:’Fail to plan, plan to fail’,? I recall somebody once saying how oddly amusing they found their observation that people spend more time planning their holidays than they do any other area of their life! Well, there you go…….planning is important, preparing is important, and getting round to the DOING is the ultimate! Achieve something in the next 24 hours that you have NEVER done before, and make it something GREAT!! Go well….speak tomorrow! Pat!